Plant-Based Creative offers both Family and Restaurant Consulting. 

Central to Plant-Based Creative is a personalised consulting service whereby Tamsin herself will come to your home and assess what you currently stock in your kitchen and consume on a regular basis, and advise you on plant-based alternatives that are not only delicious, but also good for you, and the planet too. Tamsin will plant pimp your pantry leaving you with functional foods for your family to enjoy along with recipe guidance and inspiration that will help you and your family transition to a more plant-based food space.

Tamsin has been consulting for restaurants for many years; helping restaurants and cafés move from mediocre to magical. She shapes menus, upskills kitchen staff and takes presentation to the next level. Moving forward, she’ll be focussing on encouraging restaurants to introduce plant-based menu options or simply offer an alternative solution to existing dishes to appeal to plant-based and vegan diners.