These nuts and olives are packed with flavour and real crowd pleasers as pre-dinner snacks. Leftover nuts can be stored in an airtight container for up to two weeks. Roasted olives may be stored in the fridge for a week in a screw-top jar. Recipe inspiration from my gorgeous food friend Justine Drake from her […]


This simple Indian salad of tomato and onion is glossed with a glorious cumin-based dressing. For the best flavour, ensure that your tomatoes are at the peak of ripe perfection. Once you have made this salad, it will most certainly become a solid go-to dish that’s a total crowd pleaser! From the iconic Tortoises & […]


During Covid-19 Lockdown, I volunteered at a soup kitchen and regularly peeled my weight in carrots and believe you me, that’s quite a substantial amount of carrots! It’s only appropriate that I share this Carrot & Turnip Soup recipe with you from our family cookbook Posh Nosh. Let’s face it, root veggies are not the […]


Fifteen years ago, we were commissioned by Nedbank to publish a cookbook for their private clients. In this Nedbank Private Collection Cookbook, Justine Drake created a treasure chest of recipes that I believe are beyond delicious, silly simple and totally timeless. This recipe has no fancy ingredients and the method is literally a one-liner. We […]